The Israeli targeting of Palestinian civilians and civilian infrastructure is illegal under the 1949 Geneva convention. Over 600 of the 3000+ civilians killed since 2014 were children.


All profits from the sale of this t-shirt will be donated to BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction), an organization that seeks to apply economic pressure to the Israeli government in order to stop the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.


Graphic is hand-painted with avocado and rust dye. Additional darning embroidery on lower right. 


T-shirt is 7 oz. union-made in Pennsylvania using US-sourced components. Fits slightly oversized and boxy.


As each tee is dyed and embroidered by hand, please allow for slight differentiation from pictures. Each tee is unique.


Wash on cold and air dry for best upkeep. Ships free within 2 weeks of purchase.